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CHM 112 College Chemistry II

The second course of the two-course sequence for science and engineering majors

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  • Titration Applet
    Titration Applet (Simulation)
    A series of amino acids are specified as unknowns. The pK values for these acids are also given in the table. One of... More
  • An Iodine Clock Reaction
    A simulated experiment and animation based on the iodine clock reaction using iodate and iodide in acetate buffers in... More
  • Labwrite: Improving lab reports
    LabWrite guides students through the entire lab experience. The resources are divided into four parts that are... More
  • Qualitative Analysis - Group I Cations
    A simulated experiment on qualitative analysis of the Group I cations. User may select solutions containing known... More
  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    The IrYdium Project site is a site hosted by Carnegie Mellon University and provides a collection of Java based applets... More
  • Solubility
    Solubility (Simulation)
    The Applet enables users to compose an ionic compund using buttons to select anion and cation. The molecular formula is... More
  • Chemistry Study Cards
    Chemistry Study Cards (Reference Material)
    Flash cards for both AP and general Chemistry. Easy to read and understand format with language that clearly and... More
  • Conductivity of Ionic Solutions
    This is a simulation of a hand-held conductivity meter. A menu allows selection of a cation/anion pair, a concentration,... More
  • Online ChemSkill Builder
    This incredible online tool contains more than 1500 algorithmically generated questions, each with tutorial feedback.... More