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A collection of accounting resources.


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  • Accounting Monopoly
    Accounting Monopoly (Simulation)
    Playing Accounting Monopoly gives students an opportunity to complete most of the accounting cycle using documents they... More
  • (Simulation)
    The aim is to offer students a way of practicing double entry bookkeeping / accounting principles without the complexity... More
  • The Time Value of Money
    The interactive teaching tool covers basic financial concepts, including present value, future value, and annuities. It... More
  • Break Even Analysis Simulation
    Be a financial professional at Tanro, Inc. a lawnmower manufacturer, and plan the introduction of a new electric mower... More
  • Break Even Analysis Tool
    Break-Even Analysis is a financial tool that allows marketing managers to estimate how many units of a product a company... More
  • Identifying Dependents as a Single Taxpayer - Simulation 4A
    Located on the Internal Revenue Service's Understanding Taxes web site, in simulation 4A users assume the role of... More
  • Interactive Business Simulation - Costs and Break Even Analysis
    Found in the Teacher Resource Exchange repository, this flash-based interactive simulation helps introduce students to... More
  • Completing Form W-4
    Completing Form W-4 (Simulation)
    This is one of 14 tax simulations/tutorials from the IRS Understanding Taxes web site that teaches individuals how to... More
  • Mt. Nebo Pumpkins
    Mt. Nebo Pumpkins (Simulation)
    Mt. Nebo Pumpkins, is a sole propriety business. The business rents two acres of land to grow pumpkins for sale to... More
  • Sweet Treats Corp:  A Class Simulation
    This Excel workbook accompanies a very simple business that can be physically formed in an introductory accounting... More