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MPiper SMED 720 Merlot Bookmarks - Copy

This is a collection of Simulations, Tutorials, Videos, Drill and Practice, Animations, as well as games and puzzles for enhancing lessons and providing help in Math classrooms for students and teachers. 


Collection Content

  • Graphing the line y = mx + b
    Graphing the line y = mx + b (Drill and Practice)
    Graphing linear equations using the slope intercept. This learning object gives the student the equation y = mx + b and... More
  • Numerical integration simulation
    Tutorial that allows students to learn about the rectangular, midpoint, and trapezoidal methods of numerical... More
  • Cut-the-Knot!
    Cut-the-Knot! (Collection)
    Cut the Knot (Interactive) parent site of an extensive collection of interactive mathematics authored by Alexander... More
  • Larry Green's Applet Page
    Larry Green Applet Page has dozens of interactive tutorials and discovery exercises for beginning, intermediate, and... More
  • Geogebra
    Geogebra (Simulation)
    Geogebra (Simulation) is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for education in secondary schools that... More
  • Flash Mathlets
    Flash Mathlets (Animation)
    Flash Mathlets (Animation) are divided into two sections.The For Students and Instructors section contains Flash applets... More
  • Demos with Positive Impact
    Demos (Collection of animation, etc.) Demos with Positive Impact is a collection of quick classroom demos that enhance... More
  • Eye Opener Series
    Eye Opener Series (Simulation)
    Eye Opener (Simulation) A collection of Java applets - math puzzles and problem illustrations - that open eyes, each for... More
  • Interactive Mathematics--Games and Puzzles
    Interactive Math - Games and Puzzles (Collection) This site contains an extensive collection of games and puzzles in the... More
  • Function Grapher
    Function Grapher (Simulation)
    Function Grapher (Simulation) Graphs one or more functions of a single variable, with zoom in/out and other nice... More
  • Finding the Domain of a Function
    Finding the Domain of a Function (Drill and Practice)
    Finding the domain (Drill and Practice) This applet guides the user through the process of finding the domain of a... More
  • Interactive Mathematics--Arithmetic/Algebra
    Interactive Math - Arithmetic/Algebra (Collection) This site contains an extensive collection of java applets involving... More
  • Maths Online
    Maths Online (Simulation)
    Math Online (Simulation) A collection of mathematics learning materials for high school and college students.
  • Khan Academy
    Khan Academy (Collection)
    Khan Academy (math portion - collection) Thousands of FREE, short, online videos that are focused on explaining and... More
  • Matrix calculator
    Matrix calculator (Simulation)
    Matrix Calculator (Simulation) is a site containing an interactive applet that let a user to input a square matrix and... More
  • Exponent Rules
    Exponent Rules (Drill and Practice)
    Exponent Rules (drill and practice) This site generates problems that test students' understanding of exponent rules.
  • Algebra Study Guide with Videos
    Algebra Study Guide with Videos (Reference Material)
    Algebra study guide with videos (Tutorial) is a free online algebra study guide and problem solver... More