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A collection of resources to use with students or materials to develop lesson ideas. 


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  • Music K-8
    Music K-8 (Collection)
    Website for elementary music educators and music education students interested in finding ideas for the elementary music... More
  • MENC: The National Association for Music Education.
    MENC is the largest and oldest national organization dedicated to music education in the public schools.
  • Complete Chord App for iPad
    Complete Chord App for iPad (Drill and Practice)
    An interactive music theory drill for iPad designed to help students improve their ability to build chords on the staff.
  • Introduction to Reading Music
    Website to help students learn how to read music notes online;type of notes, type of rests, basic counting, symbols, and... More
  • International Music Score Library Project
    Virtual library containing over 4,000 (march 2007) public domain musical scores.