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Endangered Species PBL

These resources are meant to help students complete an extended research project focusing on different vulnerable/endangered species and the threats they face.


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  • World Wild Life
    World Wild Life (Presentation)
    This website allows students to explore multiple endangered species, their life history, and the threats they face. I... More
  • Human Nature - Conservation International Blog
    This blog is updated regularly and is full of current events to help students understand current challenges facing the... More
  • Sea Turtle Survival League Educator's Guide
    This simulation is a great way for students to practice scientific skills while using real data. This site, which comes... More
  • National Parks Conservation Association
    This website does a great job of summarizing conservation efforts by the National Park Conservation Association here in... More
  • IMPACT Science Endangered Species projet
    This is a comprehensive set of lessons and resources for an endangered species project. I would use these lessons as a... More
  • Bringing Them Back to Life: National Geographic Article (Link to PDF)
    This article from National Geographic demonstrates the length to which scientists could (or should) go to preserve... More