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Sex Education

This collection contains sources that explain sexual health, sexual rights, STIs, HIV/AIDs, protection, and contraceptives.  All these sources provide the proper teaching material to educate high school students on how to take care of and protect their sexuality and their sexual health.  Some of these sources provide information on addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion for culturally competent sex education.  Since sex is considered taboo, it is imperative to address the different values, beliefs, cultures, and religions to deliver successful, comprehensive sex education that values all sexual orientations and gender identities.  


Collection Content

  • Sexuality
    Sexuality (Presentation)
    This presentation covers the general elements of sexuality such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual... More
  • Civil Rights: Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
    The reference material contains the civil rights information towards the diversity of sexual orientations and gender... More
  • Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
    This material network provides educators and teachers the proper education and techniques to create a safe classroom... More
  • Rights, Respect, Responsibility
    The material provides a good curriculum for inclusive, comprehensive sex education. It contains teachers’ guides on how... More
  • Why comprehensive sexuality education is important
    This source focuses on explaining the vitality and necessity of comprehensive sexuality education. Since sex education... More
  • Sex, Gender, Roles, Identities, and Orientations
    Sex, Gender, Roles, Identities, and Orientations (Open (Access) Journal-Article)
    The article describes the fundamental basic vocabulary of sex. It clearly distinguishes between each vocabulary word so... More
  • 5MIweekly
    5MIweekly (Collection)
    This collection is a channel that advocates for objective, unbiased, nonjudgemental views about sex. It focuses on... More