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Digital Sound & Music

Handouts and step-by-step lab activities for a short course in Digital Sound and Music. Introduction to digital sound recording and playback. Digitizing sounds with a microphone and from a tape recorder. Use of sound processing software to edit, amplify, display sounds graphically, and change file formats. Downloading sounds from the internet. File formats and sound player programs for au, wav, aiff, and mp3 files. Playing sounds in Web pages, slide shows, and Powerpoint presentations. constructing an audible alphabet book. Copying songs to your hard disk from audio CDs. Recording (burning) custom audio CDs from sounds and music files on your hard disk. Converting audio tapes and vinyl records to audio CDs. Reducing noise in old recordings. Making slideshows with backgrouond music. MIDI: downloading, arranging, and playing MIDI songs. Computer Karaoke.

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