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Human Anatomy and Physiology

These sites provide pictures and animations for learning human anatomy and physiology.

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  • Connecting Concepts: Animal Physiology/Homeostasis
    This site includes an easy-to-understand tutorial for understanding homeostasis.
  • Web Anatomy
    Web Anatomy (Drill and Practice)
    This is a great site for learning the parts of the human body.
  • Connecting Concepts: Animal Physiology/Signal Transduction 2: Intracellular Signal Transduction
    Basic concepts about signal transduction are presented by this learning object.
  • Anatomy Atlases
    Anatomy Atlases (Reference Material)
    This site provides general information about human anatomy and related subjects.
  • Human Brain Anatomy
    Human Brain Anatomy (Tutorial)
    An excellent series of learning modules are provided by this site to better understand human brain anatomy.
  • The eSkeletons Project
    The eSkeletons Project (Simulation)
    This site provides excellent comparative anatomy of humans and related species.
  • Visible Human Cross Sections
    This site provides an orientation map and individual cross sections of the human body.
  • Virtual Cardiology Lab
    Virtual Cardiology Lab (Simulation)
    This is a really cool virtual lab in which users learn about patients with heart trouble and learn how to diagnose... More