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Summer 07 2

Second batch

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  • Foreign Language Study and the Brain
    Takes you to an address... then you can go to a website about the brain and FL learning.
  • Hebrew Language Teachers' Toolbox
    Hebrew Language Teachers' Toolbox (Reference Material)
    Very neat website for teacher resources.
  • Spanish Tongue Twisters - Trabalenguas
    These are tongue twisters that can help with pronunciation... they are accompanied by a translation. This might be fun... More
  • ¡Ayuda Tarea!
    ¡Ayuda Tarea! (Reference Material)
    Although this site is in Spanish and is from Mexico, with proper scaffolding of the language, it could be a very good... More
  • Casa de Joanna: Language Learning Resources
    Many links and resources.
  • Museo de la Reina Sofia
    Museo de la Reina Sofia (Reference Material)
    Museum, also avail. in English.
  • El reloj
    El reloj (Animation)
    Clock and telling time activities. Need to explore this more. Is all in Spanish, but activities and games might work.
  • De Orilla a Orilla
    De Orilla a Orilla (Collection)
    Good site for teachers to get started on culture sharing projects. I will have to investigate this one more. Learners of... More
  • Español ¡Hoy!
    Español ¡Hoy! (Tutorial)
    Neat website for elementary and beginners.
    EDUCARED (Reference Material)
    Good resource for teachers... website is from Spain. Neat links for technology in the classroom.
  • Colibrí
    Colibrí (Collection)
    Good for more advanced students, especially high school.
  • Those who don't speak Spanish may be left behind
    Might be good to use to show the uses of a FL.
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
    Celebrate Hispanic Heritage (Reference Material)
    Scholastic Site for FLES programs about Hispanic Heritage. Cool!!!