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Earth science

websites and activities helpful in building a lesson in Earth science

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  • Virtual Fossils Museum
    Virtual Fossils Museum (Collection)
    This link would be beneficial for students learning geologic time with respect to fossil evidence. Students can browse... More
  • Fault Animations
    Fault Animations (Animation)
    I would use this site to help students properly visualize faults( demonstration). In a classroom I would pair it with... More
  • Ground Water Activities
    This site provides interesting ways to teach Groundwater. The site gives links for teachers as well as students. Looking... More
  • Essential Science: Earth and Space Science
    Using the link for geologic timeline students will work to develop a timeline of Earths History. Students would take... More
  • Layers of the Earth's Atmopshere
    From this site you can not only use it to explain the different parts of the atmosphere but can find other links along... More