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Deutsch: Hörverständnis, Anfänger

Listening comprehension, beginners. This is an animation of the numbers 1 to 20, they are spoken and there is time for the class to repeat them in chorus.

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  • Counting to 20 in German
  • The National Capital Language Resource Center: Culture Club
    Easy to access page about culture around the world. Features an interview with two teenagers from Berlin in German, with... More
  • LyrikLine
    LyrikLine (Presentation)
    Poems read by their authors. With text and sometimes translation. Hörverständnis: Anfänger, Ernst Jandel "Ottos Mops",... More
  • BeelineTV
    BeelineTV (Collection)
    Free Internet TV. I am not familiar with most of the Channels. i will first have to watch them myself.
  • Mama Lisa's World
    Mama Lisa's World (Collection)
    Collection of songs and rhymes. Some have sound, e.g. You Tube versions.Since this is material for children I am not... More