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Excellent French language teaching tools

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  • Comptines, Chansons et Poésie
    This resource provides excellent ideas for reading in lower levels of French as well as great suggestions for music,... More
    POLARFLE (Simulation)
    This was the best site that I found as a resource. It has 4 different French competence levels and is very fun and... More
  • French
    French (Simulation)
    This has very clear grammar concept explanations and an awesome talking illustrated dictionary. It's a great resource... More
  • The Mixxer, language exchanges via Skype
    This resource is created to connect language learners around the world. It is used via Skype and could be a great... More
  • Learn French by podcast
    Learn French by podcast (Drill and Practice)
    This resource provides excellent audio examples of French through podcasts. This would be a great way to include... More