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Interactive Art Sites/Resources

A collection of sites/resources that would be good to use for an studio art/art history course.

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  • Women in Art
    Women in Art (Animation)
    Beautiful video showing paintings of women through the ages. I might use this as precursor to a lesson on portraits.
  • Johannes Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance
    This is an excellent resource for showing students HOW to look at a painting. Love how this illustrates Vermeer's... More
  • Escher and the Droste Effect
    Great site for getting ideas about the recursion in Escher's drawings.
  • Explore Leonardo's Studio
    This simulation gives me good ideas for creating my own simulations -- my own renderings in flash of artists' studios --... More
  • The Cave of Lascaux
    The Cave of Lascaux (Reference Material)
    Great way to actually imagine yourself as a prehistoric artist -- in the cave -- creating the paintings. It also could... More