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Physics Classics

This is a collection of the Physics Classics winners from 2002 onward.


Collection Content

  • Physlet Physics 3e
    Physlet Physics 3e (Collection)
    Looking for a visual, interactive, and technological way to teach about physics that will make it easier for students to... More
  • Applets for quantum mechanics
    Quantum mechanical systems a non-intuitive concept if ever there was one. Yet, this collection of animations and... More
  • HyperPhysics
    HyperPhysics (Presentation)
    This site was honored because of its comprehensive coverage of most of physics, the creative use of multimedia and... More
  • PhET - Physics Interactive Simulations
    This site provides excellent illustrations of the physical models that are so important for an expert view of physics... More
  • MIT Physics 8.02: Faraday's Law
    This collection of 16 animations and simulations covers the topic of Faraday's law and induction. They illustrate the... More
  • Assessing-to-Learn Physics
    This is a very extensive database of Peer-Instruction questions, organized by topic and level. The questions in the... More
  • JAVA Optics Course
    JAVA Optics Course (Simulation)
    The Java Optics Course is a collection of Open Source Physics simulations that cover important topics in optics. The... More
  • The Pendulum Lab
    The Pendulum Lab (Simulation)
    A collection of virtual experiments based on a simulation of a driven pendulum. Covers undamped and damped motion, drive... More
  • Math And Physics Applets
    This site provides a large selection of physics and math simulations. There is also fairly comprehensive explanatory... More
  • Physics Illuminations
    This is a comprehensive set of online tutorials and self-tests covering the fundamental topics of mechanics. Topics... More