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2011 STARTALK for Chinese Learners

Every kinds of useful material websites for Chinese learners.

Collection Content

  • Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
    罗格斯中文教学系统 This system is only with content of textbook and voises, but no animation or image.
  • Chinese Multimedia
    Chinese Multimedia (Drill and Practice)
    22 lessons in simplified characters at elementary-intermediate level is suitable for students who have already learned... More
  • Ethnic China
    Ethnic China (Presentation)
    introduce all kinds of the ethics in China
  • Visual Geography
    Visual Geography (Collection)
    very many interesting pictures and students can send these as postcards to teacher.
  • 漢光教育基金會--我的志願My Dream
    A very cute story and animation which display as the traditional writing in Chinese. Better for the advanced learners.
  • VoiceThread
    VoiceThread (Animation)
    create a story with some pictures by your own