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Hybrid Biomechanics Course

A face-to-face and online course for students interested in basic biomechanics which incorporates aspects of both physics concepts and human anatomy and physiology.
Course: Biomechanics

Collection Content

  • Virtual Microscope
    Virtual Microscope (Simulation)
    Virtual microscope to introduce students to the use of a microscope or a review for those that have used them. Has onion... More
  • Web Anatomy
    Web Anatomy (Drill and Practice)
    online web anatomy practice with specific online quizzes. Very visual formative assessments of varying difficulty
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Physiology
    Web site on bone physiology and cases that students could look at. Shows how bone is built. Good for human anatomy... More
  • Actin-myosin crossbridge animation
    animation of sarcomere contration at the myosin and actin level
  • SP.784 Wheelchair Design in Developing Countries
    May be used as a project using knowledge of biomechanics or teeming up with IB or the Internat'l Studies program