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Laboratory Sciences

Collection of items related to hematology, urology, serology, immunology, virology, clinical chemistry, microbiology and mycology

Collection Content

  • Microbiology Education Resources
    various content and curricular items
  • Microbes Info
    Microbes Info (Collection)
    A specific science webportal - see links to veterinary microbiology
  • Quizlet: Biology
    Quizlet: Biology (Drill and Practice)
    Student self-study aid for generation on-line flashcards and 5 different types of review activities. Already a... More
  • MicrobiologyBytes - Principles of Molecular Virology
    Online intro virology text - lots of images/ease to read. Key scientists described along with Koch's Postulates.
  • The Biology Project: Immunology
    Immunology tutorial (colorful) with post-lesson 'Problem Set' with immediate feedback and explanation of choice.
  • Virtual Bacterial Identification Lab
    Simulation experiment for immunology and ELISA testing.
  • Coagulation animations
    Good animation with audio narration of the human coagulation pathway.
  • Laboratory Techniques
    Laboratory Techniques (Learning Object Repository)
    good resource for student phlebotomy technician and medical technician