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Science Education Resources: Biology

The collection below will be used to help instruct a high school Biology class.

Collection Content

  • Cell-ebration
    Cell-ebration (Tutorial)
    Cell-ebration can be used to show how cells work. This site goes over the functions of the cell organelles focusing on... More
  • EvoTutor
    EvoTutor (Simulation)
    This is a collection of small simulations helping to visualize evolution. This site has simulations on statistics,... More
  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    This is an animated informational simulation on DNA, genes and heredity. Students will be able to understand concepts... More
  • Online Microbiology Tutorials
    This site contains eight tutorials on topics such as polio, Mad Cow Disease, antibiotics, the eradication of smallpox,... More
  • Human Blood
    Human Blood (Tutorial)
    Three tutorials about human blood. The tutorials cover the different types of blood cells, ABO blood types and Rh blood... More