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Gardner-Funes Biology 1

My first personal collection- To be handed in to Prof. Murfin for SEYS 362.


SEYS 362


Collection Content

  • DNA from the Beginning
    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
    This website provides vital information involving genetics. It has three main topics including classical genetics,... More
  • Nutritional Resources
    Nutritional Resources (Animation)
    The Nutritional Resources webpage is filled with numerous instructional videos. The instuctional videos have a voice... More
  • Untamed Science
    Untamed Science (Simulation)
    In order to incorporate the untamed science website into one of my science lessons I would allow students to explore the... More
  • Skeletal System
    Skeletal System (Reference Material)
    This skeletal system website is phenomenal. It allows students to view a skeleton as a whole and then click more... More
  • The Biology Project: Human Biology
    This website provides problems with multiple choice answers that students may answer. If a student is having trouble... More
  • Body Systems Animations
    This site provides slides and visuals for various body systems. It allows students to watch progression in development... More