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Technical Writing Resources

This collection is a repository of resources for teaching ENG 313- Intro to Technical Writing


In this course you'll learn how to do the following:

  • Demonstrate a reader-centered approach to writing

  • Define your objectives 
  • Plan your writing by
    • determining what you need to say to achieve your communication objectives
    • organizing the information you decide to include
    • organizing your communication's contents effectively
    • devising strategies for persuading your readers to take the positions and actions you advocate
  • Draft your writing by
    • arranging it into readable, persuasive paragraphs, sections, and chapters
    • writing effective beginnings and endings
    • developing a clear, concise, interesting style
  • Evaluate your writing by checking it yourself and having others review it.
  • Revise your writing



Collection Content

  • How to Avoid Plagiarism
    How to Avoid Plagiarism (Drill and Practice)
    I plan on using this resource in conjunction wiht Turn It In as a learning aid to helpo students cite sources correctly.
  • English Language Centre Study Zone
    This could be a good resource for brushing up on basic grammar skills.
  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
    I use this resource already. It's fantastic!
  • Calibrated Peer Review
    Calibrated Peer Review (Assessment Tool)
    This is a resource I'd like to try for peer reviews.
  • Interactive quizzes
    Interactive quizzes (Quiz/Test)
    These quizzes could be used for students to use as self-checks
  • Writing Exercise: Planning Instructions