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Websites Useful in Teaching Living Environment

These are some websites that will be useful when it comes to teaching high school biology. They may illustrate concept clearly or present the material in a meaningful way to the students. The following websites i also found quite useful in addition to the materials i found on Merlot.
I found this site to be incredibly informative. It does contain a lot of information about the topics covered and may be overwhelming for some students if i asked them to read it. I think I would use this website when teaching about the different types of cells. The images are great for the students to see that this is something real and not an abstract idea. Also this could be a great resources when doing labs especially dissections as the website provides a step by step walkthrough accompanied by pictures.
This website provides excellent visuals and audio which augments the information greatly for visual learners. I particularly like the mini lab on evolution. It allows students to really see what the concept of evolution is and how it works and most importantly it doesn't happen overnight. I would certainly use this to teach evolution moreso natural selection in Living Environment.


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    DNA from the Beginning (Simulation)
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  • Evolution
    Evolution (Reference Material)
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  • Connecting Concepts: Ecology/Population Dynamics 2: Logistic Growth
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  • Electron Transport Chain
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