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Science material

assorted resources to use when in the science classroom. 


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  • Stellarium
    Stellarium (Simulation)
    I think using Stellarium would be a lot of fun for any 8th grade science class when they get to Unit 3: Sun, moon, earth... More
  • Virtual Museum of Fossils
    I think this is a great resource especially at the middle school level. Easy to naviagate and to the point, you can show... More
  • Visual Elements Interpretation of the Periodic Table
    great visual and online guide to the periodic table of element. Could be utilized by a technology saavy classroom or a... More
  • Scientific Method Detectives
    I really appreciate this websites way of presenting material - additionally it has some great lesson ideas.
  • Color Filters
    Color Filters (Simulation)
    really interesting and helpful tutorial on light and and color, as well as other related materials.