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Excellent Chemistry Websites

A collection of helpful scientific resources I can share with my students when teaching my high school chemistry courses.


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  • VR Molecules
    VR Molecules (Simulation)
    This is a useful resource that I would incorporate into a lesson on VESPR Theory or basic molecular geometry. While... More
  • Determination of the Molarity of Acid or Base Solutions
    This would be useful before or during a lesson on titration. It would give the students a preview demonstration of the... More
  • Periodic Table LIVE!
    Periodic Table LIVE! (Simulation)
    A live periodic table would be a great resource for my students when first introducing them to the differences and... More
  • Essential Chemistry
    Essential Chemistry (Animation)
    All of these flash animations are useful, but the one I find most helpful is the one on Le Chatelier's principle. This... More