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HS Chemistry Education Resources

The following personal collection will be used in teaching Chemistry in a high school.

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  • Chemguide: Helping you to Understand Chemistry
    This web site has an excellent resource that covers basic atomic properties ( Electronic structures, ionisation... More
  • General Chemistry - Demos and Simulations
    This web site is an excellent resource for general chemistry experiments simulations and computer animations. Some of... More
  • Chemistry Study Cards
    Chemistry Study Cards (Reference Material)
    This web site provides flash cards with excellent tips for The General Chemistry HS curriculum.I found flash cards with... More
  • Classic Chemistry Experiments
    This is a link for PDF format of a book containing 100 classic chemistry experiments for high school. Some of... More
  • Chem1 Concept Builder
    This is a wonderful site of all chemistry course with many images, history of chemistry and scientiest that worked and... More