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Elementary Social Studies Methods

This course is for K-6 Elementary Education majors learning about how to teach the Social Studies to their students.

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  • WebQuest Page
    WebQuest Page (Reference Material)
    Webquests are inquiry based lessons in which all or part of the information that learners interact with comes from... More
  • Crisis at Fort Sumter
    Crisis at Fort Sumter (Simulation)
    "Crisis at Fort Sumter" is an interactive historical simulation and decision making program. Using text, images, and... More
  • Teaching About Religion
    Teaching About Religion (Reference Material)
    The site offers educational information in the form of a worldview sampler, background information on a broad range of... More
  • PictureHistory: The Primary Source for History Online
    This website has thousands of historical photographs and paintings on countless topics. You can search by keywords.... More
  • WebQuests
    WebQuests (Collection)
    This Teck Trekker wesite provides links to information about WebQuests, how they came about and how to develop them. It... More
  • Project Approach in Early Childhood and Elementary Education
    A project is defined here as an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of children's attention and effort.... More
  • Newseum
    Newseum (Collection)
    This website provides daily access to the front pages of hundreds of newspapers around the world. It also archives... More
  • National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC)
    This site lists many excellent links to resources about Service Learning, but the most relevant for Social Studies is... More
  • (Collection)
    The Historical Voices Educator's; Forum is a rich collection of lessons and web resources for K-12 classroom teachers... More
  • Archiving Early America
    This site contains a wealth of primary source material from 18th Century America. Scenes and portraits from original... More
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
    This is a great resource for teaching and learning about the U.S Government. The site includes a variety of historical... More
  • Our Documents
    Our Documents (Collection)
    This site provides images and copies of the text of 100 milestone documents of American history (1776-1965) related to... More
  • Writing Educational Goals and Objectives
    This site defines and differntiates between educational goals and objectives. It also provides instruction on how to... More
  • American Memory Primary Sources Library
    Classroom provides this free, searchable data base of primary sources linked to the Library of Congress'... More
  • Aaron Shepard's Readers Theater Page
    This website offers Reader's Theater scripts, staging and presentation tips, worksheets for educators to develop their... More