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Portuguese and Brazilian History, Culture and Civilization

Sites for use in History, Civilization and culture classes.

Collection Content

  • Brasil e Estados Unidos: Expandindo fronteiras, comparando culturas
    Compare US and Brazilian history
  • Race and Social Inequality: Color Class and Culture in Brazil and the US
    Gilberto Gil and others discuss the race question in brazil.
  • (Collection)
    Font of Brazilian popular culture, music and civilization
  • Jangada Brasil
    Jangada Brasil (Collection)
    Popular culture site
  • Cambito e sua turma
    Cambito e sua turma (Animation)
    Brazilian site on favela life and education for young learners.
  • A Viagem de Vasco da Gama
    A multimedia module that can be used in Portuguese History, Civ or Language courses. Continental Portuguese.
  • História de Portugal
    Multimedia presentation of Portuguese history. Shockwave and Flash. Very sophisticated and multi-sensory.