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Web Design References

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Submitted by: Laura Carlson (Staff), Jun 18, 2007
Comment: The Web Design Reference Site provides an array of up-to-date, quality, information. The site’s contents have been carefully screened and updated regularly from its inception to date. The listing categories span the alphabet from "Accessibility" to "XML". References include recent articles by knowledgeable authors, as well as the expected links to major organizations, events, and resources. The materials presented serve as resources to instruction in web design, development, standards and best practices. Added features include a weekly newsletter for site updates, RSS feed, suggest a link form, quote for the day, a glossary, sitemap, and search. The learning goal is to provide a valuable and reliable resource of information and knowledge of web design and development for students, educators, designers, and developers. The information at this site serves as a resource for those who want to learn and keep abreast of techniques, methods, and theories, or for those who want to refresh their knowledge.

Technical Remarks:

The site tries to practice what it preaches: it's marked up in HTML 4.01 Strict; meets WCAG, Section 508, and University of Minnesota access guidelines; and uses CSS for layout. Linkrot, the obsolescence of the links on a Web page, is a well-known problem for every website. The WDR tries to be conscientious and not change, rename or remove URLs on it's site. Any external dead or broken links are repaired on a regular basis with a link checking program.