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Archimedes of Syracuse

Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Farah Taslim (Student), May 04, 2008
Comment: I have a great interest in learning and knowing great people's personal life. I try to avoid biography of great scientists and inventors because most of the articles focus more on the invention or achievement more than the person's personal life. This article is not any exception to that. It's definately educational, but my concern is it would keep a readers attention too much. I also think the the article have too many quotes from other resources and have very little about his personal. If it was not for a class assignment, I would skip after few minutes. Since I did finish through the doc, I now know more about his invention and theorems. I found that none really had much in-depth analysis and some stuffs are repeated like the given values of pi. A bit more analysis of topic and little reduction of quotes would make it more readable. Of course, a bit touch of personal life would make it more interesting reading.

Technical Remarks:

Software is easy to use. If pages are broken down to smaller pages and have next/previous button, it would have been easier to read.