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Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Jay Holden (Staff), Jun 13, 2008
Comment: I though that this learning object was ok. I admit I did not spend time going through all of the available lessons, but I was not excited with the several I observed and it felt like a bad video game- cool concept but it just doesn't run smoothly or feel like you paid top dollar for it. In some lessons it was informative, interactive and easy to use, but I felt that most were composed too quickly and that fewer lessons with more quality would be better. Overall I liked the idea but I think that it fell a bit short in its goals. It would probably not be something that I recommend to my students for further learning but it has potential.

Technical Remarks:

It has several animations that make visualizing the concepts easier. It is hard to navigate because there are too may links at the bottom. The simulations were "ok" but could be much better/ faster/ visual oriented. The lecture/Presentation material was ok because it has lots of great information in it but it also has some distracting dialogue as well.