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BBC Mundo

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Courtney Fell (Consultant), Dec 09, 2008
Comment: This is a valuable resource, especially for more advanced Spanish classes that may be focused on the World today and in which the students are relatively comfortable with the level of Spanish that is used in the media. It is without doubt a real-world website with instructional capabilities and could thus get students more excited about using their Spanish. There is a section, "El mensual: language focus" that does have grammar explanations on topics such as pronouns and adjectives, however the explanations are very brief and general. There are extensive additional vocabulary lists with words in both Spanish and English. It appears that the material may not have been updated since 2006 based on the fact that there is a 2004, 2005 and 2006 "Anuario/Yearbook" but nothing since then.
Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes