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EdTech Talk

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Deborah W. Proctor, Ph.D. (Administrator), Jan 31, 2009
Comment: Award winning site for best use of audio. One of from a EdTech Talk Community left this message on the site when asked why they are members, "The show hosts share news, articles, new links, specific classroom resources and reference numerous forms of multimedia and feed them to the world via live webcasts. The webcasts are then saved as podcasts on the EdTechTalk site and available for download on a variety of podcast directories including itunes. Even the chats are saved so you can review them for links you may have missed".

Technical Remarks:

One needs to become a community member to participate, but the site has good instructions and helps that allow people to participate.
Time spent reviewing site: Participated in the first Earthcast hosted by Women of the Web 2.0. In the 2008 Earthcast, EdTech Talk asked people from around the world to join the discussion at Global times as they moderate the "students, teachers, local leaders, environmental advocates, scientists/engineers, politicians, grassroots leaders, etc., EdTechTalk encourages lurkers as well as participants.