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MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Melissa Rodriguez (Student), Apr 04, 2009
Comment: I've never seen a website that had so much information in one place about math of all topics. He or she can find out about mathematicians as far back in time as possible. I even click on a site that had every women mathematician and their background. And specific dates that you could click on to find out who was born or died on that day. The math topics itself; he or she could get the definition. I just thought this was an amazing site to view. This site, I would definitely tell people about who needs information on any math topic.

Technical Remarks:

I had no difficulty reviewing the content in this website. It took me through one amazing site each time I click on something different. I thought where does it stop. But then I thought do I want it to stop? No, I loved it. Being a student this would be a source to go to for information the first time around.
Time spent reviewing site: I spent probably 20-30mins looking through most of the sites. I was trying to see what I could in the short time that I had because I have so much home work in other classes, but I definitely will return when I'm done with my other class homework.