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The Big Five Personality Test

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Jay Holden (Staff), Jul 21, 2009
Comment: This learning object is a great assessment tool and introduction to personality in Introductory Psychology. I have used it in my classroom for several semesters and students always enjoy it. I have students bring in their printed results and group the class up into the factor that they scored the highest on. Following this I ask all the groups to plan a vacation that they would go on with their group (with the came personality trait that all of them scored highest on). They can go anywhere, do anything, bring anyone, and so on. It is neat to then go around to the groups and see if the vacation plans correlate with the personality factor for that group.

Technical Remarks:

If the user does not answer all the questions and presses submit the unanswered questions will be highlighted and a prompt says that the user must answer each of the 45 questions. (questions below this are optional)
Time spent reviewing site: 2 hours