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Outbreak at Watersedge- A Public Health discovery game.

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Irene knokh (Staff), Jul 30, 2009
Comment: I really like this game! First of all, it shows the importance of collaboration between different professions (nurses, scientists, project managers, public health professionals) Second, I learned about the detective work in fidning out the source of infection Third, this game teaches critical thinking Fourth, it is a very engaging tool useful for student nurses, nurses (nice relief from all t he lectures), and a good course for the general public Case studies (people who came in sick) were very helpful

Technical Remarks:

Recommend: headphones (good quality) Wireless access
Time spent reviewing site: I played the game TWICE because I did not get everything correctly the first time! This a great game. I am hoping that we could use this learning object in a classroom with our nurse externs and write an assignment for them based on this game