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MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

Rating: 5 stars
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Submitted by: Roslyn Hoover (Student), Sep 14, 2009
Comment: I first browsed through the material for about ten minutes; I then narrowed my search to ancient Babylonian mathematics. Had incredible amounts of information with pictures and graphs. Easy to understand and get around the graphs and pictures were significant to the subject matter, I could spend hours on here getting information about the history of math. This site has so much information: links to encyclopedias, biographies, glossaries, quotations, timelines this is such a great resource for students and teachers to learn. tool to demonstrate mathematics in a way where its fast and much easier to teach. I found this website very user friendly it was organized in such a great way. When I looked up Babylonian mathematics it had lots of subcategories that gave great information and served as a great learning tool.