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Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Rebecca Sarkissian (Student), Dec 02, 2009
Comment: I spent about 7 mintues looking over the page, and basically I was looking over for titles that striked my interest. I think the one that I liked alot was about Fibonacci and who he was. I think its great when learning math to understand the history too, that way you can pick up interests to students who love history and can relate math through it. I think the quality of the content is great, its extremely informative, and looks like it is updated consistently. I think it could enhance teaching because of all the information it contains...but, I personally wish there was better visuals ( like maybe pictures of rabbits to replace/represent numbers) that were interesting besides the use of numbers as the visual aid. That would probably keep me more engaged when viewing this site. It was really easy to view this website, especially when it provided a Content Box at the top of the website so I can see a preview of the remaining website and it categories without have to look through the whole thing. Overall I think its great!

Technical Remarks:

Better Visuals
Time spent reviewing site: Seven Minutes