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Pedagogy in Practice: Video Case Studies of Teaching Science; Pedagogy in Practice: Video Case Studies of Teaching Math; Strategies in Practice Resource Guide

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Angel Serran (Student), Feb 15, 2010
Comment: When I came across the material, I spent about an hour watching the videos and reading the steps to becoming an effective teacher. The quality of the content presents teaching methods that are significant to those who plan on being teachers. Although the material focuses on mathematics and science, even those who want to teach in other areas have advantages while watching the videos. The videos present a foundation that I feel beginning teachers should follow. As a student who is working towards a degree in education, I found the material very effective for students as well. As a student, I learned that reflecting on what I learn each day is a great way to absorb new knowledge. For everyone that takes the time to review this material will find it easy to work and extremely useful.