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Myan Math

Rating: 2 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Bobby Jackson (Student), Feb 17, 2010
Comment: I enjoyed this page for its historical and anthropological value however the information is presented in a confusing manner. I find the Mayan counting system fascinating and completely ahead of its time but there are some things on this page that present the material in a non-credible and confusing manor. There are several spelling mistakes and little cited information crediting where this information on Mayans and Meso-America came from. Also the material is not completely clear on the counting rules and representation of the numerical values. For someone unexperienced in the field of Mayan numerics they may be confused on the charts explaining the counting system on the webpage. If the explanation of the counting system were simplified and there were cited sources then maybe I would consider this a better source of mathematics.