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Jason Elder Lesson Plan

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Submitted by: Scott Hudson (Faculty), May 03, 2011

I like the idea that of the kids learning to see both sides of a situation.  The plan needs more on the methods that will help the students learn.  For instance, it is not a given that students will know how to use Google Docs or how to research so a demonstration will likely be necessary.  Also, the "essential content" section should mention the facts about WWII that you want them to know, whether it is review or new material and how you will ensure the kids know how to use Google Docs.  I think an important piece of the "real world importance" section would be that the kids can produce a presentation on Google Docs as it is feasible that they may have to develop a project in the future.  You may want to add more UDL ideas to help those with different learning styles, such as, showing videos on Google Docs and providing different methods of assessment.  Overall, I like the potential of  this lesson.

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes