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Informative Speech

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Laura LaFrenier (Teacher (K-12)), Dec 13, 2011

A quality and detailed lesson plan that directly links to both real-world skills and state standards. This lesson is obviously well thought out from start to finish and encompasses many transitions. The prior knowledge activity with the PowerPoint presentation and an opportunity to practice the skill in an unthreatening format is wonderful. In addition, technology is integrated in the research stage for the speeches. Also, the feedback stipulation of "sandwich - positive, critical, positive" is a great way to ensure that students get valuable feedback from their peers without being too intimidated. In addition, the detailed requirements for the students of what needs to be in their speeches are great.

This lesson could be improved by adding a more specific evaluation tool like a rubric. Because students are delivering speeches, grading may be subjective. An evaluation tool included in the lesson would take it to the next level. In addition, the section where the instructor shows a video of himself or herself as a college freshman is a great idea but may not be feasible for all teachers.

Time spent reviewing site: 35 minutes