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The Big Five Personality Test

Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Used in course
Submitted by: Kristina Barsema (Student), Feb 28, 2012

The personality test acted as a great tool for understanding the Big Five Factor Model. It was very self- explanatory and the test included a wide range of questions to cover each factor. The learner can fully engage in the activity because it offers a first-hand experience with a test that many psychologists use as a reference regarding personality differences. A very popular and somewhat difficult concept at times was portrayed in a manner that students can use and find intriguing. While the test was well-rounded, I would have provided more introduction information about personality and the Big Five Factor Model. I also found some of the questions to irrelevant. In addition, I would have liked the results to go more in-depth about each factor and explain to each student what their results symbolized.