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Compare and Contrast: Learning through Pictures, Graphs, and Charts

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Rachel Vartanian (Teacher (K-12)), Mar 09, 2012

The learning goals are clearly established for the user. Navigation can be difficult. Some of the slides move forward on their own, which can be an advantage of disadvantage for different students. Other slides, require the student to purposely click to navigate forward, which I think might be easier for most students. In addition, the home button takes the user back to the first slide, rather than to a table of contents where the user can navigate to another section. The audio narration is spoken clearly and slowly. This is helpful, especially since this is designed for ESL students. This is a difficult learning goal to assess, but the assessment quizzes are thoughtfully created to make the user think about what they have just learned. Wrong answers, however, do not give the students any feedback. Finally, the two sections of the StAIR allow for differentiation so that some students can complete the entire activity, while others can just complete the first part of the activity.

Technical Remarks:

This StAIR is created with PowerPoint and uses text, images, animations, and audio.  Using a Mac with OS 10.5.8, all features worked, but I was not able to move on past Quiz 2. It seems there is a broken link.

Time spent reviewing site: 15 minutes