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EDAH 5103 Spring 2011 - A Course in College Teaching

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Mary Ann Remnet (Administrator), Apr 17, 2012

Excellent! Your use of multimedia youtube videos immediately drew attention to your subject without being preachy - way to evidence active learning.  Concepts were clearly presented, and I appreciated that you addressed both tech-savvy and newer to tech learners. Menu structures were easy to follow. 

Although I haven't used this yet, I will use it both for teaching, and my own active learning. Use of outside resource, SALG for  assessment and evals is personally, very helpful.

Technical Remarks:

 One comment: link to SALG signin page is a redirect to MERLOT. This can be changed to move user straight to MERLOT.

It's hard to separate the tech remarks from the content, because you did such a good job integrating them. In blended learining environments, this is so important, and in keeping with your learning design theme, you evidenced it very well.