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Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Joseph Buffa (Teacher (K-12)), Apr 29, 2012

This sounds like an interesting activity that can be used to teach economic principles. It would be beneficial to know a few key pieces of information however:

1) What is the real-world performance that is gained by the actually students participating in the activity? As an educator it would be nice to know what economic principles are being taught.

2) What are the objectives for the students? At the end of the activity, what should the students have a better understanding of?

3) How exactly are the students assessed? It sounds like there is time for debriefing, however is there any sort of graded activity/quiz to tell if students understand the economic principles that were taught?

4) Motivating factors for the educators are discussed, but what about the students? Is the use of the Palm Pilots enough to keep them interested? What exactly do the Solar Wars activities entail?


Overall it appears that this lesson could fit into TPACK very well. Technology is used in an effort to teach basic economic principles in an interesting way. A little more detail on exactly what will be done and why wiill help clarify some questions on the Pedagogical and Content components.

Technical Remarks:

Can this activity only be done using the Palm Pilots or is there other technology that can be used?

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes