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Double Bar Graph elementary lesson and activity

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Tami Basso (Teacher (K-12)), May 05, 2012

In the instructional objective I like how you included the type of knowledge the student will need to know in relation to the universal design for learning. In this section you may also want to include NETS objectives or Common Core Standards that this lesson meets.
I like that you have the students collect real and meaningful data from their classmates.
This lesson should be relatively easy to implement in the classroom and technology lab.

Technical Remarks:

In the technology needs section I like the web site that the students can access. I like the demonstrations of how to create various styles of graphs. The video demonstrations will be helpful for students to learn at their own pace. They have the option to revie the material over and over if they don't understand the material. The audio and visual in the video will help all learners.

Time spent reviewing site: 50 minutes