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Insect PowerPoint Presentation

Rating: 4 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Tami Basso (Teacher (K-12)), May 05, 2012

I would rate the ease of use for this lesson high.
In the real world performance area: Students will enjoy the topic of researching bugs. The students will enjoy creating a multimedia projecto using Power Point. The students are more engaged in learning when they have to locate information and create a final product.
A set of essential content area: You may want to provide structured research for this age group. The Big6 research steps could be introduced in this lesson. Often times students have more difficulty in eliminating information then in locating the information. You may want to provided specific web sites for the students to use and provided them with a research chart or graphic organizer to help them record their information as they are researching.

Technical Remarks:

A method to help participants learn section:  In your guidelines for using Power Point you may want to include specific steps you want the students to perform first and deadlines for those steps. For example you may want to have the students put all of their research information on the slides first. Second, you may want to require the students to add pictures and graphics. Third, you may want students to include video, animations and sounds. Fourth, you may want students to include transitions. Some students get side tracked by the effects and don't concentrate on the presentation of the information the main point of the research.

Time spent reviewing site: 40 minutes