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Probability of Compound Events (StAIR Project)

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Trista Teuscher (Teacher (K-12)), Aug 20, 2012

Having worked as an aide in the high school, I heard over and over again that technology is hard to integrate into math. Math is just a straight forward subject and they never need to use the computer lab.

Well, even though I am an elementary teacher, I can see this this lesson integrates technology in a way that students will and can learn. First of all, the lesson starts with a review of previous lessons and a short quiz. Then a new concept is built upon from existing knowledge with a quiz again. The quizzes offer feedback for right and wrong answers, and even gives clues to guide the student into figuring out the correct answer and how to get there.This navigation is very easy to use and I LOVE the introduction page explaining what they are about to do. I think this lesson would come in very handy on a day where the teacher is absent or for students to do at home. It would also work if the classroom is lucky enough to have a set of tas to use.

Again, I think this is a great way to integrate technology into a subject that doesn't always get to use technology frequently. I believe students would be excited to do something out of the normal in math and anytime technology is integrated allows for more student engagement and participation. Although I am an elementary teacher, I think the bones of this STAIR could be used in my classroom. It has given me some creative ideas:)

Time spent reviewing site: 30 minutes