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Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: G. Cory Duclos (Student), Oct 08, 2012

Acceso is a fantastic resource and should be the future standard for textbook design. The site provide a resource for intermediate Spanish learners with no cost involved. The text centers around Spanish-speaking culture throughout the Americas (beginning with the United States) and Spain. Each unit also has grammar and vocabulary review.

Registered users of the site also have access to pedagogical resources, proving that the editors are focused on the fundamentals of second language acquisition. The creators of Acceso have also anticipated improving the site through collaboration from intrcutors using the textbook. I am very impressed with both the form and content of this site and hope that it will be adopted by teachers around the country very soon.

Technical Remarks:

While the site is fairly easy to navigate, the one hangup I have regards the separation of grammar and vocabulary from the cultural units. Integrating these may make the text more seemless, and more akin to a textbook format that students and teachers already expect to see.