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Credible Source Lesson Plan

Rating: 5 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Mark Hansen (Teacher (K-12)), Nov 04, 2012

This resource covers a real problem that I (and I imagine most other teachers) have encountered which is teaching students to evaluate web resources for credibility.  When looking at the lesson through the lense of the UDL principles this lesson seems to stand out as being great.  It's multiple layers provides multple means of representation particularly in the area of providing and activating background knowledge.  I felt that the opening discussion mentioned was a great way to accomplish this task.  The lesson also allowed students to take action and express their opinions through the discussion which is another UDL principle.  Finally, it seemed to provide a variety of levels and challenge and support through its use of CARRDSS and follow-up discussions.  This seems like a useful lesson for any teacher teaching research.  

Technical Remarks:

Everything seemed to work fine.  

Time spent reviewing site: 5 minutes