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Solving Multi-Step Equations StAIR

Rating: 3 stars
Used in Course: Not used in course
Submitted by: Kyle Heffelbower (Teacher (K-12)), Nov 07, 2012

The visual appeal of the overall presentation is outstanding.  The color scheming provides a pleasing, though not distracting visual element for the presentation.  Coupled with the fun and innovative pictures, I can not imagine a student that would not get a kick out of it.  The instructional video that was linked within the presentation provided a good bit of information to aid in understanding.  What I did not like was having that video as, what seems like the only instructional piece within this presenation.  I would have liked to see more variety in teaching.  The volume of practice at the end and the link to the "Rags to Riches" game provided students with a lot of practice to demonstrated understanding.  

Technical Remarks:

I did have an issue with the "incorrect" slide.  Each time it would prompt me with a dialogue box asking about a certain file designator that I did not have.  I easily clicked "cancel" and the picture of Wyle E. Coyote came bouncing in anyway.  Not obtrusive, but a bit of a nuisance if I end up getting a lot wrong.

Time spent reviewing site: 20 minutes